【Closer Look at XM’s Extensive Bonus Program】 Why does XM’s program attract traders?

XM has so more extensive a bonus program than other brokers that many traders worldwide prefer to open an account with XM to take advantage of the program. XM's bonus programs, except for seasonal promotions, can be divided into Trading Bonus, Deposit Bonus, and Loyalty Program. This article focuses on these promotions.

XM's bonus program can be advantageous for traders because it allows them to expand their trading capital. It would be great if this article would be helpful for you in choosing a broker.


[Summary of This Article]

Traders can earn bonuses in various ways, as mentioned below. All bonuses are treated the same.

Trading Bonus: The bonus given after opening an account and completing identity verification

Deposit Bonus: The bonus given in return for deposit

Loyalty Program: The bonus earned by redeeming XM Point