【Closer Look at XM’s Extensive Bonus Program】

Why does XM’s program attract traders?

XM has so more extensive a bonus program than other brokers that many traders worldwide prefer to open an account with XM to take advantage of the program. XM's bonus programs, except for seasonal promotions, can be divided into Trading Bonus, Deposit Bonus, and Loyalty Program. This article focuses on these promotions.

XM's bonus program can be advantageous for traders because it allows them to expand their trading capital. It would be great if this article would be helpful for you in choosing a broker.


[Summary of This Article]

Traders can earn bonuses in various ways, as mentioned below. All bonuses are treated the same.

Trading Bonus: The bonus given after opening an account and completing identity verification

Deposit Bonus: The bonus given in return for deposit

Loyalty Program: The bonus earned by redeeming XM Point

Roadmap to be a successful FX trader

Roadmap to be a successful FX trader

Many beginners of FX trading would have no idea of what to do first. So, this article introduces what they should do in order to steadily earn money. It summarizes what I have experienced at the beginning to stably make a success and the experiences of successful traders around me.

This article, which is written from the standpoint that “I would do so if I were today”, will give beginners the steps for success with as little waste as possible. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of FX

Advantages and Disadvantages of FX

This article introduces my personal view as an active trader about the advantages and disadvantages of FX trading to those who want to start FX trading but also want to know its advantages and disadvantages beforehand.

I think that the advantages of FX trading outweigh its disadvantages. Therefore, I will continue to earn money as an FX trader. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

HotForex Bonus Program

HotForex Bonus Program

【HotForex】 This article introduces the following bonus programs.

①100% Super Charged Bonus

②100% Credit Bonus

③Loyalty Program

While other FX brokers offer the time-limited bonus campaign, HotForex always offers the bonus campaign.

So you don’t have to be in a hurry to open an account.

【HotForex Custom Indicator】

Introducing How to Utilize Pivot Points

【HotForex Custom Indicator】 Introducing How to Utilize Pivot Points


This article summarizes conditions of use and how to download the custom indicators, and then introduces the typical use of Pivot Points (pivot) as a practical way to use them in trading. Pivot is the indicator that gave me the opportunity to steadily succeed in FX trading. I will show you why pivot works and some of my actual trades for your reference.



Well-reputed FX Broker by Country


【Popular Broker】 Well-reputed FX Broker by Country

You are watching this website now probably because you are looking for an FX broker suitable to you.
This process is very important to be a successful trader.
People reading this article like you would consider FX not as gamble but as one of the ways of investment.
That is quite right. If so, you will be successful in FX in the near future, or have already earned money steadily.
This website introduces some best brokers which hold the authorized finance licenses.
I hope you will be able to find a broker which fits your trading style.