・Living in Japan

・12 years’ experience of FX trading

・Working for a pharmaceutical company


【Purpose of this website】

・This website is intended to introduce how interesting FX trading and its knowledge.

・I will summarize the knowledge and experiences I have learned. I hope this site will be like a textbook of FX trading in the future.

・I have had a very hard time steadily making money through FX trading for five years. On this site, I will show the tips for success that can be of help to the traders having a hard time like I did before.


【My personal goal】

I will continue to work for the current company and at the same time continue to make money as a trader. I have been told “There is no problem if you quit the job right now, because you are making a success as a trader”. I disagree with it. I want to get promoted in my company and succeed as a trader. It would be best to have as many portfolios as possible. Money is not everything. But we need money to do something. Currently, I am dreaming of making a lot of money and then presenting a house to my parents.