【Popular Broker】Well-reputed FX Broker In Peru


You are watching this website now probably because you are looking for an FX broker suitable to you.
This process is very important to be a successful trader.
People reading this article like you would consider FX not as gamble but as one of the ways of investment.
That is quite right. If so, you will be successful in FX in the near future, or have already earned money steadily.

There are many brokers in the world, and their features differ.
It takes much effort to collect each broker’s information to find the one suitable to you.
This website introduces some best brokers which hold the authorized finance licenses.
I hope you will be able to find a broker which fits your trading style.

For Advanced Traders

The brokers mentioned in this website provide a charge-free demonstration account using their own virtual
money on their own platform.
So you are recommended to do transactions in such an environment before investing your money.
It is not too late to start the real transaction after you are getting used to the demonstration account.

Tradeview (For ALL REGIONS)

License CIMA
Enterprise Tradeview Ltd
Trading Platform MT4 (Recommended), MT5, cTrader

Authentic FX broker with low spread, customer security and high-class trading environment

What is Tradeview?

・Started the service in 2004.
・Providing a high-class trading environment based on CEO Timothy Furey’s policy.
・Authorized by CIMA, one of the most highly-trusted finance licenses in the world.
・Employing ECN (Electronic Communications Network) which avoids the conflict of interest.
・Transaction cost of Innovative Liquidity Connector (ILC) Account is one of the lowest among all FX brokers.
・Providing client compensation system as up to USD 35,000 are paid in the case of bankruptcy.

ENTRY of Tradeview

Spread ★★★★ EURUSD 0.0pips~
Innovative Liquidity Connector (ILC) Account
Bonus ★★★★★ N/A
★★★★ 1:500
(depending on the instrument)
Reliability ★★★★ License: CIMA
Support ★★★★ Via email
Deposit ★★★★ Credit or debit card, bitwallet, bitpay etc.
Free of charge




Advantage ①Lowest transaction cost (spread) among all FX brokers

・Innovative Liquidity Connector (ILC) Account
EURUSD 0.2pips
USDJPY 0.2pips
※ Although markup is incurred as an administrative fee of ECN, the total transaction cost is still lower than others.

Advantage ②High-security environment

・Authorized by the highly reliable CIMA license.
・Account holder is protected at the maximum of USD 35,000 in preparation for the possibility of bankruptcy.


License IFSC
Enterprise XM Global Limited
Trading Platform MT4 (Recommended), MT

Top-class bonus program and high leverage system, and stable trading environment

About XM (License: IFSC)

・Traders can utilize top-class bonus program and up to 1:888 leverage to increase money.
・Special trading environment is provided (see below for details).
・Unlike other brokers, traders are allowed to allocate the earned bonus to the margin for trading.
・Many traders prefer XM with the aim of the bonus.


Spread ★★★★ EURUSD 1.6-1.7pips
Standard Account
Bonus ★★★★★ Trading Bonus 30USD
Deposit Bonus
Loyalty Program
★★★★ 1:888
(depending on the instrument)
Reliability ★★★★★ License
International Financial Services Commission (IFSC)
Support ★★★★★ Live Chat, email
Deposit ★★★★ Credit Card/Debit Card, bitwallet,
Bank Transfer


English, Malay, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Indonesian, French, Italian, Swedish, German, Polish, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, Dutch, Czech, Bengali, Urdu


Advantage ①Extensive Bonus Program

・Trading Bonus
・Deposit Bonus
・Loyalty Program

Advantage ②Providing the special trading environment such as the top-class execution ability

・All orders can be surely executed without rejection.
・99.35% of all orders can be completed within one second.
・XM certainly executes Negative Balance Protection.

Details of Bonus Program

Trading Bonus

  • Trading Bonus is offered after an trader opens a real account and verifies the identity.
  • Initial deposit is not required to earn bonus.
  • The amount of Trading Bonus is USD 30, or its equivalence if the trader opens an account with a currency other than USD.
  • The amount of Trading Bonus is not withdrawable (if the trader earns profit by using the bonus, the profit is withdrawable).

Especially, traders can receive the bonus even without making the initial deposit so that XM allows new clients to test their services.

Deposit Bonus

  • Deposit Bonus can increase the amount of margin in accordance with the deposit amount.
  • The maximum amount of Deposit Bonus is USD 5,000.
  • Traders can automatically earn this bonus until the combined bonus amount reaches USD 5,000 (it is required to deposit USD 23,500 to earn the full amount of the bonus). There is no need to make a large deposit at once.
  • Deposit Bonus has a two-tier bonus offering system:
    (1) The 50% bonus for the deposit amount of up to USD 1,000 (maximum: USD 500)
    (2) The 20% bonus for the deposit amount above USD 1,000 (maximum: USD 4,500)
  • The amount of Deposit Bonus is not withdrawable.
  • XM Ultra Low Account holders are ineligible.

Loyalty Program

  • Loyalty Program is automatically offered after a real account is opened.
  • Up to 16 XM Points can be earned per lot (10,000 currencies).
  • The number of points varies depending on the period from starting the trading.
  • When an Elite Rank trader does the transaction with 100 lots, the trader can earn the bonus of USD 533.30 (100 lots × 16 XM Points / 3)
  • The amount of bonus earned through this program is not withdrawable.
  • Loyalty Program sets no threshold of the bonus amount, unlike Deposit Bonus. The more trading is done, the more bonuses can be earned.